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In Their Skin (a.k.a. Replicas)



"Director Regimbal does an effective job of slowly ratcheting up the tension and handling the sometimes brutal violence in a relatively restrained manner. Josh Close's screenplay is equally nuanced, concentrating as much on the characters' psychological complexities as the gothic thriller storyline." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"D'Arcy makes a truly creepy villain and Blair brings unexpected depths to the grieving wife" - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Most notable for its strong sense of atmosphere and the arresting performances by its leads, it does serve as an impressive calling card for its debuting director." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Jeremy Power Regimbal's tense home-invasion thriller Replicas; a powerful and compelling movie that's likely to leave you slamming the door in the faces of any new next-door neighbours." - QUIET EARTH

"a terrifyingly gripping story... Fantastic psychological thriller. 9/10" - MOVIE BUZZERS

"you'll see surprising emotional range from Selma Blair, and an unsettling jittery fury from James D'Arcy, as a psychopath who decides that he is the real Mark Hughes. Both Blair and D'Arcy will get praise for these roles." - INDIEWIRE

"I can't remember the last time I felt as physically uncomfortable as when I was watching Replicas. My muscles tensed up early in the film, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't calm down them until the credits rolled." - FLIXIST

"Replicas is second to none. It's the kind of movie that makes you want to double and triple lock your doors, bar your windows, and move to a city where maybe people will be able to hear you scream." - FLIXIST

"Every moment is perfectly captured to bring the gravity of the situation onscreen. As things get increasing uncomfortable for the Hughes family, so too do they get worse and worse for the people in the audience." - FLIXIST

"The ever-increasing tension in Replicas is beautifully rendered. Before things take a turn for the truly horrific, there are a lot of conversations, each one getting slightly more uncomfortable than the last. The eerily specific questions from the Sakowskis and the long, pauses in response do a lot to make everything feel very real and very dangerous." - FLIXIST

"The editing is sparse and deliberate, allowing for each shot to develop its own sense of unease. The discomfort is lingered on for exactly the right amount of time at all times, and things never let up. For the short moments where it seems like things might finally be okay, something awful is right around the corner. " - FLIXIST

"First-time director Jeremy Power Regimbal proves himself to be a master of atmosphere, turning the shadowy forest and the Hughes' stately cottage into instruments of dread as the balance of power shifts from one family to the other. Regimbal builds tension to a calculated and ultimately brutal crescendo in this home-invasion thriller, favoring a slow burn to gradually tease out the characters' unnerving tendencies as they head toward a vicious finale." - BLOODY DISGUSTING